Digital radiographs and ultrasound

We provide high quality, digital radiographs and ultrasound for detailed examination of deep structures including the back, neck and sacroiliac regions.

Diagnostic imaging pairs with the lameness exam and helps provide an accurate diagnosis of the problem. It is common for us to complement ultrasound with radiographs and vice versa since they each provide different information. Further, in some horses, advanced imaging is used and this includes bone scans and MRI.

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Digital radiography

Diagnostic Ultrasound

Gastroscopy and Upper Airway Endoscopy

Nuclear Scintigraphy (offered at referral facilities)

MRI and CT (offered at referral facilities)

In the above image we have performed a bone scan, radiographs, MRI and CT examination. This is an uncommon example but shows how diagnostic imaging modalities can complement each other. The bone scan on the left shows a bright ‘hot spot’. A radiograph of this site does not show the reason but the MRI and CT scan show a cyst (circled). This case had a screw placed across the cyst.