Regenerative Laser Therapy

Combining Therapeutic and regenerative components, our RLT laser from sound is the best on the market. Short, HIGH energy pulses are produced from light to create photo-acoustic sound waves. The photo-acoustic waves are produced isotropically (in all directions) to agitate the extracellular matrix and release growth factors. This component of the laser is what separates it from others on the market.

Other equine lasers do not create the photo-acoustic sound waves which are required to stimulate tissue regeneration. Pressure gradients are created by the light which stimulates capillary blood flow into tissues enhancing perfusion. The gradients also increase permeability of tissue cells allowing greater exchange of nutrients (i.e. growth factors) into damaged cells. Increased oxygenation and cellular energy in the form of ATP are delivered to the site of injury.

Overall, the benefits of regenerative laser therapy aid in faster and effective healing of damaged tissues.

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Functional electrical stimulation

A form of electrical therapy, functional electrical stimulation (FES) treatments (read more) are specifically used in the horse to generate deep muscular contractions. In horses these have been successfully used to:

  • Stimulate muscles, tendons and ligaments so that normal movement is returned to injured tissue
  • Promote edema reduction and tissue healing through increased circulation of blood and lymph due to the movement of muscles
  • Stimulate muscle movement and sensory nerves for the treatment of pain