Lameness in horses can be difficult to diagnose, especially when the lameness is subtle, or located high in the limb. Often, our clients prefer to know the exact source of lameness in their horse which requires nerve blocks.

Our team of veterinarians are extremely thorough and proficient in utilizing nerve blocks in a sequential fashion. This sequential method of blocking is pertinent to determine the correct area the limb is injured.  While evaluating and blocking for lameness, the horse may improve by small percentages; this is where our technology and experience is most valuable.

We utilize a device called the lameness locator for our extensive lameness exams, treatment rechecks, and more. The lameness locator has three sensors which are placed on your horses’ pelvis, right forelimb, and head to measure precise movements and asymmetries at the trot. This information is measured over the course of twenty-five strides and computed to determine which limb(s), severity, and type of lameness (push off/stance phase/impact). Although we can see the lameness as well, the lameness locator can provide objective measurements of improvement during our exam to reduce any subjectivity or “human factor” leading to error.

Here are a couple of scenarios where our clients find benefit to the lameness locator:

  • If we collect baseline data from the lameness locator during a routine lameness exam and treat/inject the coffin joints. When we come back to do a 2-week re-check, we can provide data on the percentage of improvement our treatment provided by comparing it to the initial data.
  • Another scenario would be an extensive lameness exam where we are performing multiple nerve blocks. The lameness locator will show improvements of the lameness (push off/stance phase/impact) down to the exact millimeter. This provides objective measurements and percentages that allow us to determine if there is enough improvement from the initial lameness to investigate the area with imaging.

Our practice does NOT have increased fees for the use of the lameness locator during the exams. We want to provide the best, most up to date and objective measurements for your horse. If you would like to schedule a lameness exam by one of our sports medicine vets, text our office at 561-515-2685. We are also available by phone or email at

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